Flag Football Trick Plays: Hook & Ladder

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 17, 2021

One of the secrets to running a great trick play is to make it tricky for the defense and not the offense. Same is true for flag football. Sometimes when you see a trick play executed in a game, it is run so poorly or slowly that it fools no one.

The Hook and Ladder or Hook and Lateral has been around the game of football for a long time. There is a reason for this. This play adheres to some of the very basic principles for trick plays.

First, most of the players on this play are executing techniques that they do on a regular basis. The quarterback is throwing a hook or a curl route. The initial receiver is running this route and has done it hundreds of times.

Secondly, because this is a common throw and catch in football, the defense recognizes it quickly. This means that they are likely going to jump the hook route even before it is the receiver’s hands. In other words you are setting the trap with this very common football play that can be run for many flag football formations.

Finally, you have the “trick” part of the play. Somebody has to do something that they normally don’t do as the defense takes the bait. In this case it is the center who is sneaking out and coming under the hook for the lateral.

Once again, not a whole lot different for your offense but about the time that center has the ball in his or her hands…

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