Flag Football Plays Chalk Talk: Throwing The 9 Route

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 24, 2021

If you do not have a deep threat in your flag football offense you are going to spend many miserable game days trying to complete any of your routes. There are many ways to to use the flag football field horizontally. That can be handy but it is not enough.

If you have defenders sitting on your short to intermediate routes all day, there just isn’t enough in the horizontal passing game to carry you. You may be thinking, “Yeah coach, but I have no deep threats on my flag football team”. Yeah, it helps but you can still be effective stretching the field without great speed.

Probably the number one myth about stretching the field vertically is that you have to throw it deep. This is not true. In fact the ball should be out of your quarterback’s hand very quickly. The ball should be caught just as the receiver beats the defensive back.

If you have the defensive back backing out enough to cover the 9 route with this timing then it’s time to throw a curl, a comeback or even a slant. Want to learn more? Take a look at this week’s Flag FootBall Plays Chalk Talk as we break down how to throw a flag football 9 route.

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