Flag Football Progression Read

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 27, 2021

There is an old saying that goes”See a little…see a lot. See a lot…see nothing.” When you are teaching this flag football progression read you should keep that in mind.

There is a lot going on with any football play and if you try to see it all you are going to get lost. Take your quarterback through a progression read that will allow them to quickly get through three options.

FirstDown PlayBook help you out with this by color coding our progression reads for you. If you want to change that up, you can easily do that by editing the play the way you want to read it.

The important point is to take the quarterback’s eyes where you want them, when you want them there. Flag football is a little different than 11 man football in that you get a heavy dose of man coverage.

1st Read= Green 2nd Read=Blue 3rd Read=Red

This is important because instead of reading defenders, let your young quarterback read who is open. In this case you are looking to stick the ball on the F immediately if they are open.

The F will get to 5 yards and sit just for an instant before bursting away from the defender. The quarterback should put the ball where the F can catch it on the move to the outside. This will help the YAC factor. (Yards After Catch).

If the F is covered, the QB is looking to hit the Z on the move at 12 yards coming across the middle on an In route. If things don’t look good to the primary side, you have a built in check down with the X running an under route.

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The X should be patient. They should not show up until late because the quarterback will not be looking for them until then anyway.

The Center has two asterisks for a reason. If you ever got in a situation where the defense covered you center with a slower player you could throw the corner route for a home run. This is there for a coach who has an experienced player who can recognize matchups.

Get your receivers to play fast and be where they are supposed to be, that’s a good start. Get your QB to use this flag football progression read and that is going to make you that much better.