Flag Football Sitting Ducks Get Shot

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 17, 2021

We talk about this all the time here on the FirstDown PlayBook Coaches Community site. Coaches need to be careful to not over complicate things for their team.

This is a double edge sword though. You can’t be so simple and one dimensional that you are a sitting duck. Today on our Flag Football Plays Chalk Talk edition we want to look at just this very thing.

You will often hear about or see defenses that show an offense one thing and then play another. This is an excellent way to gain a defensive edge but there is another way.

This 7v7 flag defensive strategy could be utilized with any flag football defense 4v4 up through 8v8. The essential premise is that you line up the same way every time. When the ball is snapped you play the defense you have called.

Take a look a this short informative video to learn more…

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