Flag Football Texas Route
By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 5, 2019

Here at FirstDown PlayBook, we are always looking for ways that we can bridge the concepts that the pros use with the concepts that are good for your youth football team. This type of vertical alignment is not only good for your football players’ development but we think it is good for football in general.

Often times there are very fundamental techniques that are used at the higher levels of football that get dismissed at the younger levels because coaches think they are too complex. The truth be known, they are not too complex unless they are packaged with two or three other concepts. They can also seem like too much to handle when there are too many other plays in the game plan.

Today we are highlighting a 5v5 flag football play that is derived from a concept that is run in major college football and the NFL. In fact we would be willing to bet that you will see it tonight as the Packers and Bears open the NFL season. We have already noticed it in the Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes opener last week. (Touchdown Gators by the way).

This short video will explain how you can get the ball in one of your best players by throwing it to them even though they are lined up behind the quarterback when the ball is snapped!

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