Flag Football Wristband Sheets Made Easy
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 23, 2020

The way you communicate with your players is at the heart of their success or failure regardless of the level you coach. It’s hard enough to come up with a good game plan and then have your team execute it. If you are not even on the same page about what you are trying to run then the formula just got that much more complicated.

When it comes to flag football the coach is under a lot of pressure on game day with time constraints. Even if the rules allow the coach to be on the field, they are often the only coach responsible for the entire squad. That’s a lot of coaching that has to take place in between each play.

This is why flag football coaches love wristband sheets so much. It allows them to teach with a visual aid that all of the players have right on their arms. Flag football also has the advantage of normally having five or six players that fit comfortably on the arm bands.

FirstDown PlayBook has worked hard over the past several years to not only provide you with a flag football playbook like no other. We have also made it as functional as possible. Wristband sheets are a big part of this.

Watch the short video below to see just how easy we have made it to create flag football wrist sheets.

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