Flag Football Zone Defense? May Have To…

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 24, 2021

Playing zone defense with your flag football team can be difficult for several reasons. First and foremost, zone defense is just more complicated than good old fashioned man to man coverage.

Complication can sometimes equal confusion and we know where that will get you. There is also the fact that the field is the same size to defend regardless of how many defenders you have.

For instance, if you are playing in a 4v4 league and you rush one defender…do the math. That’s right you are defending the entire field with zone coverage rules and you have three defenders!

So you shouldn’t do it right? Not so fast there my friend. What if you have an impossible receiver to match up against? This is when you need to have a zone defense changeup or two.

Today on Flag Football Plays Chalk Talk we take a look at this very thing. We are going to tackle it from a 4v4 flag football perspective. It could, however, be applied to any flag football defense.

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