Flag Football Zone Defense Requires Numbers
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 18, 2019

If you are lining up to play defense with your flag football team, you are quickly going to realize is that the numbers matter. If you are playing man coverage then getting a player covering every receiver is critical. You need to have your rules set up to know if you are going to run with motion or trade it off and other adjustments like this.

If you plan to play some zone defense with your flag football team then you have a whole new set of issues to consider. Take for instance that you are playing in a 4v4 flag football league. Typically the requirements to play good zone defense is to start with an area to defend and then lock onto receivers as they cross your zone.

The problem with using zone defense in a 4v4 or even a 5v5 flag football league is that there just are not enough bodies for the number of zones you need to defend. Typically there are five underneath zones and three deep zones in football. That does not change when you are playing flag football.

So if you have four players on defense and you rush one player to sack the quarterback, then guess what? You only have three defenders to cover the entire field (eight zones). The math is not good. The offense on the other hand, can still attack all of the zones with their pass plays and receivers.

Today’s short video details why and how you should take this into consideration as you begin coaching up your flag football defense.

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