FlexBone Section One Of The Most Popular

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 28, 2018


One of the most popular FirstDown PlayBook sections is your FlexBone offense section. As we began to grow and do more and more research we quickly realized that this formation and scheme is a staple with a lot of high school football programs out there.

So we here at FirstDown PlayBook did what we always do and what we do best. We started to research this offense and we started drawing football plays. We took it on with the same detail that we do all of our playbook sections, meaning that we drew up all of the run plays vs 15 different defensive looks etc.

We also injected some life into the section with the play-action pass game to help you keep the defense honest as they begin to roll up to your motion and other run game tendencies. One of the interesting things was that as we looked and drew up other run game plays from other offenses we began to see FlexBone concepts show up in other systems, say 2×2 Spread offenses. This only makes sense if you have an athletic quarterback who can also throw the football.

So today we just wanted to remind you that as you begin spring football practice and you are majoring in or even dabbling in the FlexBone, FirstDown PlayBook has a very detailed section that you might want to poke around in before spring ball is completed. Bang on the play below to visit the FirstDown PlayBook FlexBone “View By Tag” area.


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