FlexBone Slot Iso Misdirection

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 8, 2021

The FlexBone Slot Iso Misdirection is one of our favorite plays in the FlexBone are of FirstDown PlayBook. Why? Because to us it is a counter off of a formation that is not even determined until the last second when the ball is snapped.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we love balanced formations. Balanced formations obviously allow you to attack each side of the defense equally. Having said that we have never seen a FlexBone offense that was balanced very often when the ball is snapped.

90 to 99 percent of the time one of the two slots is going to be coming in motion. Which one is anyone’s guess if you are playing a FlexBone offense with two good slots. The defense must wait to see which side is going to have a slot and which is going to form the two backs.

This is why when a slot goes in motion you will get a big time reaction from the defense. The linebackers are screaming a right or left call. The safeties are either rotating or getting ready for play to vs play away. And you know what? You are likely to see this over and over during that game.

Make It Normal Until It Is Not

A defense will see it so often in fact that when that slot in motion puts his foot in the ground and becomes a lead blocker to his side, it causes a lot of grief. The quarterback is still opening up to the option side. The Fullback is still hitting it downhill. Everything looks like an option play, just like you have seen all night long.

Take a look at this video to see this great misdirection play that will fit right into your FlexBone offense. As usual we have this play and every other blocked up vs multiple defenses with coaching points. You can see this and many more plays just like it on our free trial.

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