Florida Flag Football Pioneers Impacting The Sport

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 7, 2022

It is no secret about how much of a fan FirstDown PlayBook is when it comes to girls and women’s flag football. The growth of of this sport has been a priority here for several years now. The state of Florida has done remarkable job of promoting the growth of girls’ flag football in their state.

Today we want to acknowledge some folks who are having a major impact on the sport of girls and women’s flag football. The growth of this sport in high school and college would not be possible without their efforts. The reason we want to do this today is that these pioneers are in the middle of a very well attended flag football clinic sponsored by the Florida Athletic Coaches Association.

FirstDown PlayBook was happy to be a small part of this clinic by providing appetizers for their social last night in Daytona Beach. Big thanks to Shelton Crews and Josh Saunders for allowing us to be a part. Also, thanks to Florida High School Football’s Josh Wilson for heading up the efforts.

Hats are certainly off to Executive Director at Florida Athletic Coaches Association, Shelton Crews. His contributions to the girl’s flag football movement are obvious by the growth of the sport. Coach Crews has been around Florida football for a long time. His experience and vision are a big part of the girls flag football growth in his state.

Others have contributed as well. Josh Wilson from Florida High School Football is the “Go To” guy in the state for all things football. That is pretty much etched in stone at this point. He too, has been a driving force when it comes to promoting girls flag football in the media for the state of Florida.


No One Has Impacted Florida Girls Flag Football More Than Josh Saunders

The person we really want to acknowledge here is the pied piper of girls flag football in the state and maybe the nation. Josh Saunders is in his fifteenth year as the head coach of Robinson High School Flag Football in Tampa, Florida. During his time as head coach, the team has won eight straight district titles, had eight straight state appearances and won the 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021 FHSAA State Championships. Pause and let that sink in a second…

FirstDown PlayBook Is Part Of The Girls & Women Flag Football Foundation Being Built

However impressive that might be, we find this more so. What we have noticed about Saunders is that his passion for flag football is not limited to his own team. He has consistently displayed his willingness to help other coaches and programs when it comes to his sport. This includes FirstDown PlayBook as we have picked his brain on multiple occasions. The girls flag football clinic is certainly an example as well. Hats off to Saunders and his efforts in Florida. As this sport continues to grow across the nation, he should be credited as a major reason why.