Florida Speed Option Vs Alabama

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 19, 2021

That was a good football game. Yes, Alabama and Florida will be going over and over the long list of mistakes from yesterday. However, that’s what happens when two good football teams play each other. They make the other team make mistakes with their speed and talent. Today we want to pull this Florida speed option as an example.

We like this play because it is simple enough to run at any level of football, including youth football. Florida ran many successful schemes during the game. FirstDown PlayBook will go back and draw up some of these this week for our members.

This play occurred early in the game. the situation was 2nd and 6 on the Gators’ 31 yard line. Alabama is already off to a fast start leading 7-0. Florida lined up in a 3×1 formation to their left and then shifted to a 2×2. As the ball is snapped the quarterback simply attacked the Alabama outside linebacker.

Florida did a good job of attacking #20 and making him commit one way or the other. The Bama defender bit on the quarterback who dished it for the perimeter run. The simplicity of the coaching points for this Florida speed option is once again one of it’s strong points.

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Coach your offensive line to wide zone block excluding the pitch key. The perimeter blockers jus block the man over them. After that it’s up the the QB and the RB to do their magic. Be sure to check this and other plays from this great football game on FirstDown PlayBook’s Featured Teams section.