Former FirstDown PlayBook Coach In Today’s Big Game!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 7, 2021

The NFL is a players’ league. Other than the head coach and maybe the three coordinators, you won’t hear much about the other assistant coaches. Keep in mind that these coaches are among the best in the world at their trade.

Most of them relish their obscurity. It allows them to focus on what they love most, coaching ball. The most obscure of all assistant NFL coaches are the quality control coaches. These are the folks that are primarily responsible for the the day to day operations involving the coaching part of an organization.

They typically are responsible for the weekly playbooks, installations, scripts and anything else you can think of. They also coach the players each and every day at practice.

We have several friends who will coach in today’s Super Bowl on both sides of the field. Both assistant head coaches, Dave Toub of the Chiefs and Harold Goodwin of the Bucs are good friends who we worked with on Lovie Smith’s Chicago Bears teams.


The coach we want to point out today, however is the Defensive Quality Control Coach for Tampa Bay, Tim Atkins. We met Tim several years back when he was in between jobs through a mutual NFL coaching friend, George Catavolos.

Tim had been working for the Bills when the entire staff was let go. He would eventually land on Todd Bowles staff at the Jets and then follow him to Tampa. While Tim was looking for his next job, he did what all good coaches do, he worked.

We brought Tim on board to help us with the FirstDown PlayBook Varsity Defensive section. It was immediately obvious that this was a smart move on our part. He was not only very intelligent but also hard working and extremely attention to detail oriented.

He had a big hand in developing and drawing the FirstDown PlayBook Varsity Defensive section that you coaches use every day. His work proved to be invaluable as we made that section available to you.

So today we want to congratulate Tim and wish him the best as he coaches on the biggest stage in football. We also want to remind you of two things.

When you are struggling with your career goals, do not pout, go right back to work. Tim is a great example of how determination can keep you alive in this competitive profession.

The second thing is that when we say FirstDown PlayBook is created “For Coaches. By Coaches.” We mean good coaches. Really good coaches…

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