Forty Niners Create But Also Build

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 1, 2020

Good offensive coordinators create but make no mistake about it they also build off of what they create.

However, if a coordinator finds himself constantly creating new schemes and plays you can bet he is struggling for answers. The preferred process is to find something that is very effective and use this as bait as you build off of it.

FirstDown PlayBook has had the unique opportunity to watch the best minds in football this year. We have joined USA Football’s Keith Grabowski each and every week during the 2019 football season for our All 22 Tuesday feature.

One of the best jobs we have studied this year is that of the San Francisco Forty Niners. They are a very talented football team but the offensive staff has been very creative with their personnel and then they have built off of it.

We would like to take the first day of this new decade to take a look at two plays we featured on All 22 Tuesday this past season. The first one is from several weeks ago and the second one is from this past weekend.

As you watch these two clips put yourself in the linebackers’ shoes or even the defensive coaches shoes. As a defensive coach and a good player you are always looking for pre-snap and post snap keys.

As you will see, there are a lot of things that can get you in trouble in a hurry if you try doing this with the San Francisco offense. When you play this offense you quickly become skeptical about what you are seeing and trusting. You also quickly understand that you better stay with a key a lot longer than a quick glance.

This is why we think the Forty Niners will be a force to be reckoned with throughout the playoffs. Whoever lines up against them in the playoffs will be studying some of the very things you are looking at here. They will also be asking the question of what will they build onto this next!

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