“Funky Ain’t A Foul”

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 10, 2021

This is one of our favorite articles that USA football has ever put out for a couple of reasons. First, the most under appreciated community involved with the sport of football are the officials. This is magnified when they are youth and high school officials who do it for next to nothing.

Second, this article hits it right on the head. Just because something looks weird, doesn’t mean a flag should come out of the referee’s pocket, It’s a good read and won’t ever be dated so take a look…

By Bill Lemonnier

We have an old saying among referees: “Funky ain’t a foul.”
Sometimes, officials relaying a penalty can’t describe what exactly it is that they saw. “It looked weird” isn’t good enough.
The bottom line: Don’t throw a flag if you can’t explain what happened to a coach. Just saying, “pass interference” isn’t enough when determining a penalty.
Instead, put the foul into a specific bucket, or category, so the coach knows how to correct the issue with his player. Was it:...tap here or on the pic to continue reading.


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