Ga Tech Was Running Your Youth Football Offense Yesterday

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 9, 2018

FirstDown PlayBook hears a lot about the football plays that we provide for the different types and levels of football out there. One of the things that a lot of our youth football coaches have been asking for is that we spread the formations out more. We have done this albeit with advice to our coaches that you need to be careful because unless your ten year old quarterback can take a game over with their arm you are playing with fire.

Yesterday, we witnessed this very scenario on another fall Saturday full of football with young men executing their coach’s offense. No, not youth football, not unless you call an FBS college football team a youth football team. We were watching the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets face the same problem that many youth football (and high school) coaches face every weekend. Their quarterback cannot throw well enough to build their game plan around.

Ga Tech and Paul Johnson lost their starting quarterback at the beginning of the third quarter and proceeded to put their backup in and run something very similar to the FirstDown PlayBook youth football Double Wing formation. It was Ga Tech’s normal FlexBone offense but the wideouts were lined up tight forming a mini bunch look to both sides before the motion.

Here’s the kicker. South Florida had no answer for it for nearly a quarter of football. Now, hats off to the Bulls’ because they did eventually figure it out but not until Ga Tech had taken a significant lead in the game. Our point here? Your success as a youth football offensive coach doesn’t necessarily depend on your ability to spread your offense out.

In fact, the defensive coaches that you are playing against should not let you do this, just like the defenses that Ga Tech and Navy play every week will not let them spread the field, because they know the quarterback cannot beat them with his arm. Another approach would be to teach the fundamentals of blocking and angles like Ga Tech does until the players grow into the high school players that can throw and catch the ball enough to spread the field out some.

Watch this short video to see how yesterday’s Ga Tech run game looked a lot like the FirstDown PlayBook Double Wing run plays.

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