Get Your Backups Mental Reps During Practice

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 22, 2020

If the only players getting something from one of your practice reps are the players actually executing the play then your backups are missing out. Most people, and especially athletes, are visual learners. Coaches who ignore this do so at their own peril.

There are only so many reps in a practice or a practice week. Every coach wants to make sure that their starters are as prepared as possible. Subsequently, this is were most of the practice reps go. This is understandable.

The point we want to make today is that there is a lot of teaching that can go on behind the practice rep. Printing out the actual practice play and allowing your backups to see the diagram before the play is run can be a tremendous teaching tool.

This allows your backups to actually visualize what is about to happen on the play and in particular with their position. This is something that many NFL and college coaches use on a daily basis at practice. It is also something that can help you as a youth football coach. Watch this video to learn more.

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