Giants Execute Tight Red Zone Bracket Beater

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 27, 2020

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Granted the New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles are not off to stellar starts in 2020. This however, could be said for the entire NFC East.

It happens sometimes. Young teams and teams with a deficiency here or there in the NFL usually get found out quickly. This doesn’t mean that there are not really good coaches on staff for all of these teams.

Today on All 22 Tuesday we want to take a look at this tight red zone pass by the Giants. They scored on this midway through the forth quarter.

It is obviously a great red zone concept that is designed to beat bracket coverage. However, there are other parts to this that make it a good way to create an open target inside of the five yard line.

As you will see in this short video we talk about some of the other plays that can come off of this pass. It can be used as a man beater as well. Finally, we will flash back to a previous Super Bowl where James Harrison also teaches us an important lesson about this play!


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