Give Todd Bowles Credit For This Defense

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 27, 2021

Let’s start by saying that we do not know Todd Bowles. Sometimes when we write a blog we do know who we are writing about. Are we biased when we do that? Heck yes, we know them and they are very good football coaches so we feature them.

Bowles on the other hand is different. Although I know others on that staff, I have only admired his work as a distant fan. The job he has done in Tampa this year is more than a little noteworthy.

Obviously, the addition of Tom Brady has been a significant addition to this team but the strength of this 2020 team is the defense. We have repeatedly mentioned how active and physical the Tampa Bay linebackers have played this fall.

Today we want to feature this defensive play that set the tone for the second half against Green Bay. Talk about changing the complexion of a football game. A combination of the first half ending touchdown by Tampa and this play was huge.

Safety Jordan Whitehead does a great job of planting and driving to the football on this play. He makes a great tackle and puts his hat on the football. That is hard to do these days when you are a hit away from being flagged and kicked out of the game.

As you watch this defensive play, keep in mind that the defensive call likely was tailored to the Green Bay formation. Although the Packers were in an empty set, all of their vertical threats were inside.

The Bucs look to be playing some type of a cover four man type coverage. This freed the safeties up from any vertical responsibility unless number two from either side went deep. This allowed the safeties to focus on the interior of the play and this was the result.

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