Give Your Assistants The Keys To The Car Too!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 24, 2020

There are more and more high school and college football coaches signing up for a FirstDown PlayBook Program account every day. The twice daily webinars that we offer have been a huge hit. Ball coaches have taken advantage of this and the two week free trial in a big way.

Keep in mind that the two free weeks that a football coach gets after the webinar is a Program account. This means that if any football coach on your staff attends the webinar then the entire staff can use FirstDown PlayBook for two weeks at no cost.

Organize Your Staff & Team With FirstDown PlayBook

One question that we have received several times over the past month is about roles and permissions. In other words, how to give your assistant coaches the roles and permissions they need to draw and edit just like you can.

FDPB Tech: Flip Your Play Or Just Part Of It

This is very simple and if you watch this video you will have your entire football staff using FirstDown PlayBook with the same power you have in a click or two.