Good For Weekends & Your Flag Football Team

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 9, 2020

Trick plays used to be a little more rare in college and NFL football but these days it’s the wild wild west! It’s hard to watch a football game and not see a little trickery.

FirstDown PlayBook wants to make sure you know that we have our flag football coaches and players covered with this too. Every section that we have in our flag football area is full of sound plays.

We also have complimentary plays that come off of your base plays. The play below is actually a three pronged play. It can come off of the hand sweep or the reverse off of that.

The key is everyone has to play fast. Slow deception is not very deceptive. You want the defense to be one step behind what is going on. Of course the FirstDown PlayBook coaching points will help you with how to get all of that coached up too!

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