Got An RPO? Let Us Know!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 9, 2019

You might say that we have been sharpening the axe on this one for a while now. However, you are about to see that it was for good reason. With the undeniable explosion of the Run Pass Option game in football we obviously see that this is right up our alley.

We always knew that once we got our FirstDown PlayBook 2.0 house in order we were going to take a deep deep dive into the RPO game. Well that time is here. You see, now it is going to be pretty simple for us because we have virtually every run plays and every pass play out there. If we see an RPO out there that we like then we are going to draw it.

Now what we will begin to do is package many of our runs and passes into a very extensive RPO library for our FirstDown PlayBook members. Before we leave though,we want to make one other important point. We are beginning to build an extensive coaching community out there and we want you to be heard.

Please understand that FirstDown PlayBook is “For Coaches. By Coaches.” In other words, if you see an RPO out there that you like and you would like for us to draw up in FirstDown PlayBook just point it out to us. Maybe draw it by hand and take a screenshot or even just direct us to the video. Yeah we know. It’s almost like having your very own NFL Quality Control coach at your fingertips!


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