Great USA Football Article On Tight End Heavy RPO’s

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 11, 2019
This recent USA Football article by Brendan Leister was near and dear to our heart here at FirstDown PlayBook as our history is rooted deeply into Tight End play. We spent many a day scheming up ways to get a first down with 12 personnel on the field.


Brendan does a nice job here of detailing five different ways NFL teams incorporated a Tight End oriented attack with run pass option schemes. From our perspective it is a great blend with the ability to attack a defense with a physical run game while also forcing them to be careful about how they get an extra defender on the box.


So here is the first little bit of the article. If we were you we would tap on the drawing so you can read the complete article and also enjoy the video clips USA Football provides.  Also, if you are a FirstDown PlayBook member we have all of these drawings in the Varsity Offense sections labeled “Specials”. You can put these plays in your personal playbook and edit them to fit your system!


By USA Football’s Brendan Leister

A great way to attack defenses while using heavier personnel groupings is through the use of RPOs. Just when the defense expects the quarterback to hand the ball to the running back, he reads a defender and throws the ball out to a skill player in space. Today, we take a look at five examples of RPOs NFL teams ran out of heavy personnel groupings (21, 12, 13 personnel) during the 2018 season. Tap on the play drawing to read the complete article…

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