Green Bay’s Tonyan Displays The Huge “Little Things”
By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 1, 2020

Each Tuesday here at FirstDown PlayBook we get together with other leaders in the football industry to bring you All 22 Tuesday. Be sure to check back here each week as Coach & Coordinator’s Keith GrabowskiThe Scouting Academy’s Dan Hatman and FNF Coaches join us to draw up and analyze some of your favorite plays from this past weekend!

Coaches love to talk about the “little things”. It’s probably because by the time that you get the “big things” taught the little things sometimes get neglected by both players and coaches.

Another reason could be that as coaches we get so caught up in what a player can do physically for us that we don’t acknowledge the little things enough.

One of today’s All 22 Tuesday plays highlights this beautifully. The Scouting Academy’s Dan Hatman takes us through this well executed play by the Packers against the Bears Sunday night.

As you will see in the play diagram and play video below, Green Bay undrafted tight end, Robert Tonyan does a good job of selling this play. Dan takes us through the release, the body language and the eventual route departure that left him wide open.

Aaron Rodgers does the rest of course, but our point today is that these are all attributes that add up in the NFL. They are often why one talented player lasts two years and another stays in the league for nine!

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