Gruden Breaks Out The Cousin Of Spider Y 2 Banana

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 24, 2020

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One of the great things about football is that there are so many variations off of one play or one defensive scheme. Let’s face it, if a good scheme is executed properly it is hard to stop.

This will prompt most good football coaches to call plays multiple times as well as to create derivative plays off of the original. Jon Gruden is popular for many things but the Spider 2 Y Banana play is one of his most notable ones.

Gruden had to be fired up when Raiders tight end Darren Waller came spitting out of the back side of this play wide open. This perfectly executed red zone touchdown was a combination of his Y Banana play and the tight end “oh crap” fall down play.

As with many plays in the NFL and college football right now, the Raiders stretch the field horizontally with the jet sweep fake. This gives them the immediate flat throw threat.

Then they take the “Y Banana” part of it and bend the banana the other way over top off the “oh crap” tight end. Got it? Ha! Take a look right here to see how the Raiders pulled it off.

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