Gun Wing T Buck Sweep From Empty

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 31, 2021

The Gun Wing T installs have been in full ramp mode this week. Yes, we know there is not a lot of football coaching going on at the high school and youth football level right now. That has not stopped us from adding another way to run your Gun Wing T Buck Sweep.

This week we drew the buck sweep up out of an empty formation. Nothing that you have not seen out there over the past two years. Other than the fact that because we drew them you do not have to. Our goal is to get most of our FirstDown PlayBook plays and defenses drawn up in multiple ways. After that you can edit them and make them work for your system.

We enjoy learning from all of the great coaches out there. We work hard to stay current, while at the same time providing you the best football playbook technology. This Gun Wing T version of the Buck Sweep is particularly intriguing because of what the formation does to a defense.

Granted most Wing T quarterbacks are not great throwers but a gun wing t and an empty backfield almost forces the defense to balance up to some degree. When the jet sweep or buck sweep runner motions back to the backfield, the defense has a decision to make. They can stand pat with two high safeties or rock one of them down.

When You Say The Word “Teammates” You Have Said A Lot

When a defense is doing very much adjusting vs a Gun Wing T offense or any Wing T offense, there is a chance for miscommunication. That is often where your big plays in the run game come from. You will notice that we have closed the middle of the field on most of our buck sweep plays below. Once again you can adjust that if you want in FirstDown PlayBook.