Gun Wing T Slide Naked Pass

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 13, 2022

Let’s take a look at this Gun Wing T slide naked pass today. There’s a lot of Gun Wing T information available out there right now. If you run the Wing T, you are not lost to the fact that spreading this tried and true formation out is the hot thing right now. There are several experienced veteran coaches who are providing good Pistol and Gun Wing T coaching help.

As the Wing T spreads out there’s still the nagging problem of how to throw the ball down the field. Granted there are some creative run pass options that are being touted as answers. However a closer look reveals that most of the pass options are screens or quick game route combinations.

Once again. Before the Wing T coaches start blowing our phones up, there is a place for this and it is excellent football. There is still a place though, to push the ball down the field a little more. We are not talking about dropping straight back and throwing seam balls. If you had a 5 star quarterback who could do that you would likely not be running the Wing T.

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We are talking about mixing in an assortment of bootleg passes and waggles. The nature of a Wing T offense, spread or otherwise, sets itself up perfectly for boot passes. The FirstDown PlayBook definition of a bootleg pass is the quarterback faking and then breaking the pocket away from the fake. Unlike a play-action pass, where he quarterback fakes and then stays on the fake side for the pass.

Smash Concept Off Of Waggle Protection?

The way that the Spread Wing T is set up, there is a lot of pressure on the defense to stop the buck sweep and the interior game off of it. This is why you can get an effective boot pass off of it without blocking it like the buck sweep. You do not have to pull both or even one of the guards to get the needed play fake.

This means that you also have an opportunity to protect the pass better. This Gun Wing T slide naked allows you to push the ball down the field more if you want. When you watch they short video you will see that how much you choose to push the ball down the field is your decision. You can read the route concept the way you want.