Have A Plan B Pass Rush On The Way To The Sack

By Will Cinelli on Apr 29, 2021

By The Scouting Academy’s Will Cinelli

In this space in previous weeks, we have highlighted over and over how important it is for a defensive lineman to have a plan to pressure the quarterback. But what happens when the initial plan doesn’t do the trick?

Well, in the case of elite NFL defensive lineman like Kansas City’s Chris Jones, they have to react quickly to what’s happening and figure out a plan B on the fly.

Let’s first focus on the initial move from Jones. See how Jones sets up his own move with a jab step to fake the inside move This forces the blocker to stop his feet to protect the inside, which allows Jones to get an outside edge he can attack.

Next he needs to clear the offensive lineman’s hands. Jones goes with a swipe-club move to knock away the guard’s outside hand. Now Jones is in good position to win the rep, but give the offensive lineman credit for sticking with Jones.

However, Jones goes to the next trick, adding in a club-rip move to finally secure the edge, win the rep, and hit the quarterback. A great plan from Jones executed perfectly with some beautiful hand usage to win the rep. 

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