“Hitch & Pitch” Checks A Lot Of Youth Flag Football Boxes

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 10, 2021

Let’s get this out there up front. I have coached in the NFL and I have coached 8-9 year old flag football players. Those coaches on Sundays have challenges to overcome, no doubt about that.

When your job is to get five youngsters going in the right direction to create something that looks like a football play? That’s a whole new level of complicated.

Two things that immediately jump out to any flag football coach working with young players is that my quarterback cannot throw it very far! It is your job as a coach to adjust your splits and the distance of the throws you expect your QB to make.

You want to have short quick throws that are easy to complete. If you can find a way to dial up plays that have stationary targets then you are going to be better off.

Another thing that is hard to do is to get your center involved in the game plan. You want your center involved for at least a couple of reasons. First, you want that kid to have fun too. Secondly, you only have four receivers to start with. If you eliminate your center then the defense is going to begin to cheat.

This is why we really like this “Hitch & Pitch” flag football play for younger players. It has all of the the things that allow young players to be successful. It also gets your center involved in a pretty creative way. Take a look.

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