How Many Special Teams Phases Is Marcus On?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 10, 2021

“Hey how many special teams phases is Marcus on?” You’re going to have this conversation in the next month, whether you plan it or not. One of your special teams coaches or one of your offensive or defensive coordinators will initiate it if you don’t.

Your special teams coach will be crying about how there is no way to cover kickoffs or punts without him. Your coordinator will swear that if he plays one more snap on teams it’s going to cost you a big play on defense.

Of course you can remove the name “Marcus” and insert one of your good players. It is always a fine line between playing starters or young inexperienced players on special teams phases. If you play your starters then the question is then on how many special teams phases?

Your team is likely not an NFL team. However, you would be amazed at the similarities when it comes to personnel. A few years back Coach & Coordinator’s Keith Grabowski and FirstDown PlayBook’s Charlie Coiner tackled this subject.

Fortunately we did not do it alone. We had one of the best special teams coaches to ever coach in the NFL join us. Bobby April discusses several things that you should have planned out before you get very deep into your training camp. Bobby adresses your personnel decisions on special teams phases on the podcast and other topics as well.. See the chart above.

As with many things in football, if you have a system and a plan you can resolve many problems before they ever arise. That’s why they call you “Head Coach”. Listen to the podcast above. You will be glad that you did.

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