How To Add Zone Coverages

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 10, 2022

We have had some questions about how we draw the zone coverages on our defenses. Well, the honest answer for now is we have a work around that we are using. The permanent fix is in the works, but as you can see we have a lot on our plate right now. We are releasing new features every other week it seems.

FirstDown PlayBook is run by coaches and we know coaches don’t like to wait. So we are going to show you our work around. This way you can use it too until we get the zone coverage bubbles up and running. The great news is that the new “My Templates” feature is going to make this easy.

Essentially, you are going to learn how to make your zone coverages and then save them in your “My Templates” area. After that you can take it where you want. If you want to create your underneath coverages and separate those from your deep coverages…have at it.

Maybe you want to keep it simple and just create one zone coverage template and add it where you need it. That’s all good too. The important part is that you have a way to coach right now and that is what matters to us. Take a look at this video and teaching your zone coverages will be a lot easier.