How To Identify Your Offensive Personnel

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 9, 2021

You hear football coaches talk about personnel matchups all the time. We dwell on it here at FirstDown PlayBook a lot too. It is a big time advantage if you can create an advantage by getting your superior player matched up with your opponent’s.

At the root of the personnel conversation lies something even more fundamentally important. It is important that you get eleven players on the football field at all times.

It is also important that you have the correct personnel on the field as you snap the football. Having a quarterback and five offensive linemen on the field should be pretty easy.

After that you need to quickly, and more importantly simply, identify the remaining five players you want on the football field. How many running backs, tight ends and receivers do you want on the field for that particular play?

This short video will help you a lot as you install your offense regardless of the level you coach, as long as you are playing with eleven!

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