How Would You Defend This Bunch Set?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 9, 2020

Today’s Monday Morning Quarterback quiz comes in the form of a flag football scheme. Although it really is applicable if you are coaching 7on7 or tackle football as well.

In this situation you have chosen to play man coverage with your youth 7v7 flag defense. (This is why we are using the big players for this drawing) The offense comes out in a 3×1 formation as they move one of their slot receivers to the right side of your defense.

They also line the three receivers up to that side in a bunch alignment with the two slot receivers being on the inside part of the bunch. Let’s work with the assumption that you are going to stay with your man coverage call.

Many defensive coaches would teach the defenders to zone this off with the three defenders taking the inside/middle/outside receivers after they unfold on the snap. However, once again, we are going to stay with our man coverage call.

How would you coach the free safety, linebacker and corner to that side? What would you tell them about their pre-snap alignment? What about after the ball is snapped? Check back on Wednesday and we will let you know how we would coach this!

When you are playing man coverage you can pretty much count on a good offensive play caller to look for ways to get picks and rubs wherever possible. When they come out in a Bunch set it’s likely to happen on the snap.

The first thing you want to do is make sure all of your defenders are on different levels. If you are going to stay with man coverage, you don’t want your players running into one another before or after the snap. Many a defender has been picked before the ball is even snapped trying to stay with his man who goes in motion.

Finally, we are big believers that regardless of if this is a flag football or NFL situation, you want to disrupt the point if at all possible. Teach one of those defenders to crowd the point in the bunch. On the snap they should get their hands on the point and disrupt the route.

You can pretty much bet that without the point route, the other two routes will be non-existent as well.