Identify The Run Problem. Then Attack It.

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 11, 2019

The simple math is that the defense will always have one more than the offense in the run game. It can be be very difficult to run the ball if the defense makes a commitment to out number you.

If your QB can run the ball it helps and the ability to throw the ball obviously makes this situation a lot more manageable. Most of us don’t have the luxury of having that guy who can stand back there and make a defense pay for closing the middle of the field and manning up on the outside.

This is when play-action passes can be a savior. If you find your three best run plays and come up with home run plays off of them it will pay huge dividends by loosening up the secondary run support and you just might hit an “explosive” play every now and then. You don’t need a lot of play action plays, you just need to be really efficient at the ones you run.

Now we know that the RPO game has become a “go to” when it comes to tying the run and pass game together. The problem with RPO’s when you are addressing the home run ball is that there normally isn’t enough time to execute and not have your offensive linemen ge called for blocking down field.

So there is still a place for the play action pass game that also allows the coach to dictate where the ball is going and not the defense. Here’s a play-action pass for those defenses that like to drop the safety down to the side of your fullback to stop your two back run game.



COMES OFF OF THIS RUN PLAY: Single Receiver Side Run X Crack

-Fake two back run weak at the one receiver side
-7 man play action protection.
-Offensive Line and TE have four down linemen Mike & Sam LB.
-Offensive Line has three down linemen to the strong three LB’s.
-The F has the weak side LB in a 4-3 or 3-4.
-The H is selling the fake 100%.

PLAY: X Crack & Go

Fake the run play to the one receiver side with 5 step timing.




-Get a pre-snap read because the fake will require QB to turn his back on the defense.
-Sell the single receiver side run fake with ball handling and pad level.

-The X will cheat his split inside to simulate getting in position to crack the curl defender.
-On the snap the X will race inside and sell the crack block and then run a seam route.
-The X and QB should see the seam based on MOF open or closed.

-If the X is covered immediately by a backside Corner or Safety the QB can think Z.
-This throw must be outside and deep to where only the Z can get it.
-Any questions or doubt get the ball down to the backs now.

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