Immediate Coaching Feedback Is Critical To Practice

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 2, 2021

The best football coaches have the ability to give the players immediate coaching feedback on the field between reps without holding up practice. The best coaches also talk and teach as they are moving to and from plays during practice.

It is only common sense. If you allow 15 other plays to occur between a bad rep and the coaching feedback, the learning is going to be affected. Here’s the key though. Your coaches have to be experienced enough to see what happens quickly and confidently. If they cannot then none of this is possible.

Once again, there is no time for questions. If you’re a part of a good football practice you’re on the clock. The next rep is coming at you fast. This is a factor on both sides of the ball in practice. You should be coaching your scout team or look team on the field too. They have to keep the same pace.

We guarantee that one of the biggest complaints of football coaches across the country is the inability to get a good look on their scout teams. Some of this is a talent based problem. However, some of it is because the players do not understand the look they are giving.

As a football coach, your ability to go to the football practice field organized and prepared is essential. Today we want to show you how you can print your cards off in less than half the time. We will also show you how to use PlayGrids to keep all of your coaches on the same page.

Regardless of if you are coaching your starters or your “look” team, this is going to help you be more organized and a better football coach. This will help you give immediate coaching feedback to your players on the field.

Take a look at this short video to learn more. You can also take a free look a FirstDown PlayBook by clicking on the pic above. Best wishes to you as training camp begins!

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