Install RPOs to a Shotgun Wing-T Offense

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 23, 2020

Our partners over at FNF Coaches are putting out a ton of great content for you these days and from time to time we like to share it with you. This recent article by Kenny Simpson at Southside High School is a good example. Enjoy!

By Kenny Simpson, Southside High (Ark.)

I am a big believer in making the most out of every play we install on offense. To that end, I try to work adjustments, counters and, of course, my personal favorite, RPOs to each run play we work to install.

It is a fine balancing act that our staff attempts to work each season. We must be sure we are great at the base run concept or the RPO isn’t going to be very effective.

Our offense bases from the Shotgun Wing-T. Most people that don’t want the stigma of Wing-T call it 21 personnel. We are able to form a culture that believes we can run our base run (buck sweep) against any opponent at any time.

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