Intro – School of the Legends Series

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 6, 2012

Who are the greats? What exactly is a ‘Legend?’

Who impacted the game, such that the impact is still evident today?

Where is football headed, and how did its legends pave the way?

At 1st Down Technologies, we are constantly looking towards the future of American football with products designed to improve time-sensitive game planning by coaches but also skill development for players. Everything we do is designed to Keep the Drive Alive!™

While we’re on the road towards the future of football – Football 2.0 if you will – we also like to look in the rearview to remind ourselves where we’ve been and just how far we’ve come. As we understand “the who” and “the how” of the past, we begin to understand “the why”. Why do we do things the way that we do them (How)and Who is responsible for that progress?

That question is what has driven us at 1st Down Technologies to start a series of articles called the School of the Legends. We’ll explore the stories and history of such legends as Pop Warner, Paul Brown, and Lamar Hunt, just to name a few. This series is aimed at young football players and fans with the hopes of informing them about the originators and innovators that helped make American football what it is today so that they may enjoy it even more by appreciating the rich history of the sport we love.

If you have a ‘Legend’ that you would like to learn more about, tell us and we’ll do the research and try our best to make it happen. Of course, for those we write about, let us know if you have additional insight on this person; we want to hear from you too. We’re really excited about this series, as we believe it will allow all of us to garner greater appreciation for this amazing game while remembering those who paved the way long ago.

Image Credit: © Marek