Is Your State Association On Board?
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 20, 2019

FirstDown PlayBook is extremely proud of our partnerships with our high school state associations. We take very seriously the fact that we are here to work with and help football coaches and their teams.

Thanks to our state association partners, the word is getting out about FirstDown PlayBook and what we do. Our partner state associations have been instrumental in making sure their coaches know about FirstDown PlayBook and the discounts we offer for their member coaches. 

As we begin wrapping up the 2019 calendar year, we are looking forward to continuing these relationships in 2020. As we speak we have discounts that we offer for the following states:




North Carolina

South Carolina



During the last few months of 2019 we also will be contacting every state association in the country to offer them the opportunity to get on board with this program in 2020. There are significant discounts available for coaches who are in member states and there are also benefits for the state association itself.

If you or anyone on your staff is interested in learning more about this then please give us a call at (512) 814-6158. We would be glad to explain how we can make FirstDown PlayBook available to the football coaches in your state at a discounted rate and help out your state association at the same time!












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