It’s A Super Bowl Single Wing?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 4, 2020

After 333 NFL football games during this 2019-2020 season we witnessed the Kansas City Chiefs break through on a critical fourth and one on a single wing football play.

The Chiefs were quick to give credit to the University of Michigan and head coach Fritz Crisler who ran it in the 1948 Rose Bowl against USC. What gave the play even a little more spice is the fact that Kansas City lined up in a Notre Dame type box and shifted to the Single Wing formation prior to the snap.

This certainly warmed the hearts of many high school and youth football coaches out there who still use the Single Wing and the Wing T. When you go back and dissect the play you will see that the 49ers played it pretty well. They adjusted to the unbalanced formation and read their keys.

San Francisco managed to stop the play before it scored but the damage was done and the Chiefs had a critical first down and goal early in the game. Today, on the last All 22 Tuesday of this football season we will break down this key Super Bowl LIV play as well as three others!