J.J. Watt Creates Pressure With a Plan

By Will Cinelli on Apr 1, 2021

What’s the best way to consistently pressure the quarterback? Have a plan, and then execute it with proper technique.

Let’s take a look at this pass rush rep from J.J. Watt to see just how you do that. The DE is going to execute a spin move to attack the B gap. But he can’t just blindly spin and hope it works. He has to manipulate the tackle first.

How does he do that? It starts with a good get-off. His explosive first step attacking up the field forces the OT to respect the speed rush upfield. Thus, he has to open up his hips and kick hard to cut that off.

Watt times his move just right, and works the spin move in conjunction with his hands to take advantage of the less-protected B gap. He secures the leverage and continues to work toward the QB and pressuring the throw. The OL are left with no choice but to hold Watt, too.

Watt’s new team, the Arizona Cardinals, will be hoping they get this version of the DE consistently. They’ll need it to slow down some of the offenses in that division!

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