Jaguars Five Man Pressure Creates Big Turnover

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 8, 2021

The Jacksonville Jaguars defensive performance on Sunday would be impressive regardless of who they were playing. When you consider it was against the high powered Buffalo Bills offense, it is even more impressive. This Jaguars five man pressure with zone coverage behind it was one of the biggest plays in the game.

This pressure caused Josh Allen to throw a critical interception late in the third quarter to none other than Josh Allen. This Josh Allen plays for the Jaguars though. This particular play is interesting in how it unfolded. It goes from bad to worse for the Bills in a hurry.

Here’s the situation. It’s 3rd and 12, once again, with 2:04 remaining in the third quarter. The Bills have the ball on their left hash. They come out in a 2×2 shotgun set with their back, Singletary to the field. Jacksonville has already heated them up multiple times so it was no surprise that they were pressuring here.

Cowboys Use Check Downs For Huge Chunks Of Yardage

The Bills had the Singletary and the slot receiver to the boundary chipping on the edge rushers. This was designed to help them push the ball down the field to get the needed 12 yards. The Jaguars five man pressure came from the field but they dropped out the boundary linebacker into coverage. This was # 41 for Jacksonville, their Josh Allen.

Here’s were it gets tricky. Singletary chipped the edge rusher to the field but he was probably supposed to block the defender who came off of the slot, #21. You can’t chip if your protection assignment blitzes. Either this was the case or there was a hot throw that was missed by Josh Allen.

The Bills Needed One More Protector vs This Jaguars Five Man Pressure

Singletary released and no one blocked #21. This flushed the quarterback out of the pocket. Meanwhile, Josh Allen, #41 is either pushing to the number three eligible to the field (once again Singletary) or he is just working to read the Bills’ Josh Allen’s eyes.

Whatever the case, when Josh Allen let the ball go to Singletary on an outlet pass he connected with his namesake heading the other way. Did you get all that? We are not sure that we did either! Maybe we should just tap on the play drawing below to see the video of this Jaguars five man pressure turnover.