Your 7v7 Flag Football PlayBook Needs This

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 31, 2021

You all know by now that if FirstDown PlayBook sees a football play that we like then we draw it. That’s the beautiful thing about what we do. We may have an idea or two ourselves every now and then but we understand that all plays are everyone’s plays.That’s why this creative play is in our 7v7 flag football playbook.

Man, (no pun intended) these ladies are playing at a high level. Looking at the Florida high school teams and the NAIA Women’s teams is entertaining and educational.

We are going to shut up here and let you watch this week’s Flag Football Plays Chalk Talk video. However, one of the things we liked about this play is how many options there are off of it. We have said it here a thousand times.

If you can run the same play multiple times from different formations and have different players getting the ball on each version then you will like it. This flag football play should be in your 7v7 flag football playbook. It is a great example of that and it’s also a great red zone call. Check it out!