Just Drew Your Practice Cards In Two Minutes
By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 19, 2019

Seriously, we just drew your practice cards for your 7on7 period today in two minutes AND we printed them out at the same time. Who are we talking about when we say “your practice cards”?

Well, it’s a lot of people regardless of if you are getting ready for practice in Tuscaloosa, Columbus, College Station or if YOU are getting ready for practice. Yes, you. We can draw your practice cards faster than you can draw your own and they look better too.

FirstDown PlayBook has combined a long coaching history from a lot of football coaches with the best football playbook technology available. We have combined all of these resources with a lot of work and, have created something priceless for football coaches.

It’s not priceless because we have more football plays drawn by professional football coaches then anywhere else in the world. No, it’s not because this football playbook drawing tool makes you look like an NFL Quality Control coach when you use it.

It’s simply because we save you TIME. Time to coach your players better, time to be more organized, time to actually get home and see your three year old daughter, and yes, time to keep your sanity and enjoy this career you have chosen.

Don’t believe it? Watch this video and by the time you are done we will have drawn another practice period for today’s spring practice.


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