Just Wave Goodbye…

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 1, 2021

FirstDown PlayBook gets together with other leaders in the football industry to bring you All 22 Tuesday each week. Be sure to check back here each week as Coach & Coordinator’s Keith GrabowskiThe Scouting Academy’s Dan Hatman and FNF Coaches join us to draw up and analyze some of your favorite plays from this past weekend!

Our friends over at The Scouting Academy helped us break down this play from last week’s Carolina Washington game. As you will see, Dan Hatman is featuring the athletic ability of Curtis Samuel as he hits the edge in a blur on this one.

Football coaches and fans always have a unique perspective on the special talents that show up on the football field. To put it another way, we have a remote in our hands that allows us to run a play back and forth.

What we rarely ever do is put ourselves in the helmet or shoes of the players. The players don’t see the game from a camera angle high in the stadium like we do. They see it at ground level and it is fast!

Sometimes the talent and speed they are playing with and against can surprise even them. Let’s take a look at #91, the left defensive end, Ryan Kerrigan on this one. At some point on this play, he realizes he has underestimated Samuels’ speed to the edge.

After that, all he can really do is give an academy award acting performance as a defensive player being held on the play. Or maybe he was just waving goodbye to Samuels as he hit the corner and put his foot in the ground for this big gain!

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