Kickoff Coverage Boundary Knife Adjustment

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 5, 2021

Can you imagine preparing your defense for the upcoming game and not looking at the offense you are about to play? Of course not.  As much as defensive football is assignment football there is still a huge advantage in understanding what the offense wants to do.  As a coach you look at that and if you’re smart, you take that away first and make the offense pay “left handed”.

The same thing goes for special teams. In addition to the fundamentals and technique that are essential to any good special teams unit there is also a huge advantage to knowing what the opponent wants to do.

Take the example below. If your kicker can place the ball to one side of the field it gives your kickoff unit a huge advantage. Your opponent can bring the ball back to the field at their own peril. 

It only makes sense to expect some type of boundary return. At this point it is extremely important that your players know how to “fit” the return just like you do on defense. There is also an advantage to adding a wrinkle that serves as a change up from your base responsibilities.

It doesn’t need to be earth shattering, but this can be a game saver when the return team is hurting you to the boundary. Knifing the R1 is an example of one such wrinkle.

That’s what the FirstDown PlayBook Special Teams section is all about. We don’t tell you what you should run. We just give you a library to have as a reference tool. Then you can go in and edit the plays to fit your team.

FirstDown PlayBook has coaches on our staff that have a deep background in special teams. We have experienced most if not all of the situations that can hurt you. We have not held anything back. The FirstDown PlayBook Special Teams section is like having your own coordinator on your football staff!

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