Kpassagnon Recognizes Reacts & Retraces Vs Raiders Screen

By will.cinelli on May 27, 2021

When preparation meets awareness and effort, you’ve likely got a good football play. Let’s take a look this week at Chiefs DL Tanoh Kpassagnon and his terrific play on a Raiders screen play.

Kpassagnon gets off the ball and into the blocker quickly. And just as quickly, he recognizes that something is up. His preparation and film study during the week, plus his instinctive feel of the block and vision on the RB, allows him to diagnose screen and slow down the rush.

Even so, Kpassagnon isn’t in great position, as the OL is between him and the back. But Kpassagnon is able to redirect and play physically through the blocker, maintaining his balance as the OL falls to the turf.

And now Kpassagnon has to kick it into high gear as he enters max-effort pursuit mode, retracing and sprinting flat down the line. Some traffic to the outside keeps the back from making it all the way to the sideline, forcing him to cut it up. Because of Kpassagnon’s effort, he’s there to make the tackle.

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A really impressive all-around play by Kpassagnon. And very likely that the DL coach was giving him plenty of praise the next day watching game film.