Last Week For 2020 Season Free Trials!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 27, 2020

During the past year and even extending back into 2019 FirstDown PlayBook has offered high school, college and NFL coaches two great opportunities.

The first has been an opportunity to take advantage of a two week free trial on a “Program” membership account. This has been a “win-win” from the start. This has allowed thousands of football coaches to use FirstDown PlayBook in order to actually understand all of it’s features and advantages.

The second opportunity was that after that two week free trial, a coach could keep a Program account for an Individual account price. This, once again allowed a complete coaching staff to experience FirstDown PlayBook at a discounted price for multiple months during 2020.

Today we just wanted to make coaches aware that the August 1 deadline is approaching this week. What that means is that we will take a pause with the free trials and the discounted Program memberships starting Saturday.

We may continue this promotion or one like it in the future, but as for now we are gearing up for the 2020 football season. This short video below should help explain the difference in an “Individual” membership and a “Program” membership. If you have questions you can always email us at


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