Let’s Edit This Wing T Inside Veer Play

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 17, 2019

The amount of football in FirstDown PlayBook is unrivaled at this point in the game. Trust us when we say it is a distinction that has been earned. We will never forget when we were fortunate enough to get to meet Coach Grant Teaff a few years back through a Mike Singletary introduction.

Coach Teaff took one look at FirstDown PlayBook and then another, and then another as we were talking him through all of the different sections. Finally, he looked up at us and said “Have you done anything else with your life other than draw football plays?” It elicited some laughter in the room but there was an element of truth to the question.

That’s one of the points we want to make today. Yes, the FirstDown PlayBook new PlayEngine is the best football drawing tool available to coaches, but another huge difference in FirstDown PlayBook is the starting point you get with the 35,000 football plays already drawn up in FirstDown PlayBook.

Come with us today as we take this Wing T Inside Veer run play and dissect it to show you just how quickly and easily this professionally drawn football play can be converted from a FirstDown PlayBook play to a “Your” football play!

FirstDown PlayBook is the only Digital Football PlayBook that gives you access to over thirty five thousand football plays, schemes and technique help all designed by coaches and players with NFL experience. FirstDown Playbook is also the official PlayBook resource of USA Football and Football Canada..

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