Lindsey Wilson Makes 4×1 =6

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 13, 2021

As we enter into the 2021 NAIA spring football playoffs, we want to mention that we have been very impressed with some of the play we have seen. Any of you who have followed the FirstDown PlayBook NAIA All 22 Tuesday features have seen this over the past several weeks.

To finish up the regular season let’s take a look at this well designed trick play that Lindsey Wilson used on Saturday against Bethel. At first glance it is just a good ole fashioned double pass off of a hitch screen look.

The coaches at LWC did a few other things to help this play too. First, they got lined up very quickly. They did this because they were lined up in an empty backfield 4×1 formation into the boundary.

Empty backfield sets are not necessarily anything different these days. However, 4×1 configurations are a lot less used as opposed to 3×2. To top it off LWC put the formation into the boundary and really hid #13 Jaleel Warren as the tight end.

Bethel never got lined up and did not find the five eligibles. As the ball was being snapped they could only begin to adjust to the hitch screen look. No one ever saw Warren lined up as #4 sneak out down the seam uncovered.

As with most double passes and flea flickers, the coaches were, I’m sure, holding their breath as the ball left Joshua Lewis’s hand. It wasn’t pretty as he let it go but it could not have been more accurate. Tap on the drawing below to see how it all went down!


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