Lions Dial Up A Slow Screen For Big Results

By FirstDown PlayBook on Dec 19, 2020

There is a lot of timing that goes into running a good slow screen. The teams that run them the best make a commitment to them and practice them religiously.

Of course these days there are so many different types of screens that it’s not definitive enough to just say “screen”. There are high school and college offenses that have built a large portion of their offense on perimeter screens.

Hitch screens, bubble screens, jailbreaks and the like are all very popular as you watch football on any given Friday or Saturday. The play we want to feature today though, is a bit of a throwback.

Another Great Slow Screen From The Clemson Tigers

The Lions dialed up a good old fashioned slow screen to Adrian Peterson this past Sunday. They window dressed it with a jet screen fake away and the bubble that can come off of that.

As you will see in this video the results were good. Peterson has the ball in his hands with about 1000 pounds of offensive line to block for him out in the open.